How to install the reader

1. Go to the following link "https://readerFamily-xx-xx-xx" where xx-xx-xx are the last three couple of the mac address of the reader and the readerFamily is the family of the reader.

2. If you see the window in the image below then follow the red square to go on, if not you can ignore this step.


3. Log in with your credentials, the default one are the following 4. Go to the "Output: Data" section and be sure that format, delimiter, line ending and timestamp format are exactly the same as shown below.

Now you can check the field that you need between TID, EPC, User memory, Antenna port, Peak RSSI and HeartBeat field.

5. Go in "Output: connection" section and check HTTP Post, put a name for your reader and set an update interval that you like
IMPORTANT copy and paste the following link into the URL field: and remember to click apply or nothing will be saved!